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September 03, 2014


Hello September

September, the month of waking up early, no sleep, striper dreams, albie dreams. This summer is slowly on the fade, and the fly fishing was pretty good for the most part. The bluefish invasion happened this year, and is still going on from what we hear. There is still a ton of bait around and reports right now are hit or miss on the surface action. We did hear of some topwater action in the early am up in Manchester, and hopefully with the shorter days and cooling temps the fish will be quite active once again.  Reports are coming in from down south and the Islands of some great False Albacore feeds going on. Hopefully those green missiles stay around for awhile and come in a bit thicker on the South Shore.  We have plenty of saltwater gear with some great sales going on so stop by the shop and get some premium tackle at discounted prices.  Hope you all get out on the water.  Fall fishing.  And lots of coffee.

August 15, 2014


Capefish Report and a SUP

The fishing has been very good for the fly as of late around Salem Sound. We have been seeing some decent feeds from Beverly Cove Beach to Salem Harbor out to Coney Island. Some days they are up and down quick others have been a bit more sustained.  Flies that are working well are mostly white with a bit of a broader profile. Don't be shy on the flash either.  Fish have mostly ranged in the mid 20's with some bigger fish in there as well.  I wanted to share a video of my friends at Tidal Roots.  These guys have a great thing going and their passion for SUP fly fishing on the boards they make is truly evident.  Way to go boys. 

July 28, 2014


Capefish Report 7/28

This past week the topwater action has really picked up. Surface feeds from West Beach to Beverly, Misery Is. to Satan Rock have shown signs of the old days. A nice bunch of fish have moved in and have been active right around the tide change.  We have been using flatwings with white, light blue and pink.  Hopefully they stay around.  Here are a few pics from the last few days.

July 13, 2014


Capefish Report 7/13/14

Fishing this past week has been picky. The fish that is.. A few topwater feeds at night have been spotted in Salem, but other than that it's pound the rocks and hope for the best.  Rob Tartaglia grabbed a nice 42" down in Chatham this week to move into second in the Capefish Cup. Eliot Jenkins also added a 36" in Plum Island Sound to get on the board in 3rd place.  These are all wonderful fish to be landed on the long wand. Congrats guys. Go get em!!

Few pics from this weeks fishing.  


July 05, 2014


Happy 4th and a Quick Report

Happy 4th Weekend everyone. Fishing has been hit or miss these days. Some days the fish have been really active on top, others casting to specific structure has been the ticket. Fish are in the rocks and have been producing well on an incoming tide. With Arthur passing through it will be interesting to see how things shape up in the next week. Tides will be in our favor for the morning bite this week hopefully the fish will agree.  Have a wonderful weekend. At the shop we are having a SUMMER CLEARANCE event.  Lots of discounts on clothing and gear.  Stop by if you get the chance!!

June 21, 2014

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Fishing Report 6/20 Happy Summer!



Tucker Bixby is still at the top of the Capefish Cup Tourney, with a 30" fish.  Fly fishing has been hit or miss on the Salem Sound side.  Friday was terrific in the AM with bass on pretty much every cast. Blitzing fish were up for extended periods and a small basic clouser and flatwing were doing the job.  Saturday AM was a different story. Lots of bird working the bait but not many bass adding to the party.  Guys are still managing to pull a few out of the rocks along the coast.  Get out there if you can as the mornings are beautiful and the tides are right. 


Tight Lines-  Matty

June 14, 2014


Fishing Report 6/14

Happy Flag Day!  Happy Father's Day tomorrow as well. The weather has been less than desired and we have not heard too much on the report front. We do know that there is still some schoolie action in the harbors in the am, and the fishing in Plum Island Sound has still been pretty good. Tucker Bixby is leading the Capefish Cup with a 30" fish and we are hopefully that some of the bigger fish will make their way in soon. Guys using live macks on the rocks have been doing ok as well. 

Looking forward to some calm winds and some sun. 


Tight Lines!!   Enjoy your weekend and good luck !!