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Hello September

September, the month of waking up early, no sleep, striper dreams, albie dreams. This summer is slowly on the fade, and the fly fishing was pretty good for the most part. The bluefish invasion happened this year, and is still going on from what we hear. There is still a ton of bait around and reports right now are hit or miss on the surface action. We did hear of some topwater action in the early am up in Manchester, and hopefully with the shorter days and cooling temps the fish will be quite active once again.  Reports are coming in from down south and the Islands of some great False Albacore feeds going on. Hopefully those green missiles stay around for awhile and come in a bit thicker on the South Shore.  We have plenty of saltwater gear with some great sales going on so stop by the shop and get some premium tackle at discounted prices.  Hope you all get out on the water.  Fall fishing.  And lots of coffee.

Capefish Co.
Capefish Co.


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