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Masters Week and Almost There

Masters Week. It all starts here. Every year it happens, the days are getting longer the air is a bit warmer. Baseball is on. Hockey is still on. The playoffs are coming. The herring start moving in the rivers, and the stripers are only a month away.  Trout streams begin to flow past eager anglers standing on the shoreline, trying to find the best pool to wade in. Your final four brackets are in the trash, to go along with the broken plastic shovel you thew in the bushes, when the persistent wet snow wouldn't stop this Winter.  It's Springtime, Easter is right around the bend and so are the early morning coffee runs to Dunks. It has seemed like forever side we casted a line, but the time is now. Break out those rods and tune up those reels. Make those leaders and finish tying up those flies. We are ready... Masters week tells us we are ready.

Capefish Co.
Capefish Co.


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