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Capefish Clothing Co. Winter Clearance Sale up to 70% OFF

We have some items online at capefishclothing.com or in store that are marked down. If you are local come on by or if you are far away, please sit at home and shop fireside. It's been snowing, and raining and pretty much just awful in the Northeast around Boston, but to quote the great group Mumford and Sons from their song Winter Winds….. "And if your strife strikes at your sleep, remember Spring swaps snow for leaves, you'll be happy and wholesome again, When the city clears and the sun ascends!!!!!…   and we can all go fishing! Woooooo!   Go team USA Hockey !

Heyyyy!!!    http://www.mumfordandsons.com

Capefish Co.
Capefish Co.


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